Wearing Winter Hats and Scarves

Winter has arrived, and considering fall seemed unnecessarily kind, we need to prepare ourselves for a season on the prowl. Translation? Snow, wind chill and whatever else January is planning to throw at our way needs to be combatted, so instead of staying inside and counting down until April, here’s how to wear your winter hats and scarves without seeming bulky. (Because, let’s be honest: post-Christmas, that’s the last thing any of us need.)

1. Wear oversized scarves with fitted jackets
Balance is important, so while your winter hats and scarves may be oversized, that doesn’t mean your coat should be. If your coat is big and bulky, you’ll want to adopt a cashmere or thin cotton-style scarf that’s narrow, fitted and tucked in. As for your hat, consider a toque or even beret: a larger hat will only outweigh you, and will make you look like you’re an on an undercover mission.

2. Keep layering minimal
As temperatures plummet, layering seems essential, but if you’re donning three sweaters under your coat, winter hats and scarves will only add to the shapeless silhouette. Either opt for a winter-appropriate coat or choose only two layers underneath, and if layering, make sure layers can be seen in addition to your scarf to prevent the bundled up aesthetic pioneered by kids at recess everywhere.

3. Wear winter hats and scarves fitted
Loose-fitting scarves are fine for when you’re not keeping the wind out, but when temperatures plummet, you’ll want your winter hats and scarves to be fitted enough that they have a point. As of this season, eternity scarves are big and oversized, so try to wrap them around your neck enough so that you’re not left with extra room which causes both shapelessness and windburn (the worst combination), while hats should be snug enough that you don’t need to worry about them blowing away.

4. Pair winter hats and scarves together like you would an outfit
There’s no reason not to treat your winter hats and scarves like a bona fide outfit “ especially that since for the winter months, they’ll be part of your day-to-day uniform. That said, you’ll want to find winter hats and scarves that compliment each other and you can wear with more than one jacket. Do you tend to dress up? A soft, matching cashmere set will help soften the season’s harshness, while if you’re more of a casual dresser, pick up a wool eternity scarf and a plain black toque to help make your look work together.

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