Top Metabolism-Boosting Foods

If we told you that it’s possible to satisfy your cravings and still lose weight, would you believe us? Ladies, listen up: It’s just about picking the right foods! There are yummy snacks out there (we promise!) that can speed up your metabolism and help you shed pounds.

Reach for these fat-burning foods the next time your tummy grumbles:

1) Good-for-you snack: Grapefruit

How it works: Chock full of vitamin C, this fruit can help slim your waist. Try half a grapefruit  “ it’s 90% water  “ before meals to lower insulin, your fat-storing hormone.

2) Good-for-you snack: Hot Peppers

How it works: Chemicals in spicy peppers (think jalapeno and cayenne) can instantly rev up your metabolism. Want to melt fat away daily? According to one study, it only takes one spicy meal a day to boost your metabolism 25 per cent.

3) Good-for-you snack: Raspberries

How it works: Fibre keeps you full longer, and at 8 grams a cup, these vibrant berries are a strong source. Antioxidant-rich raspberries (closely followed by blackberries and blueberries) are low cal and can help you lose more weight.

4) Good-for-you snack: Broccoli

How it works: The calcium, fibre and vitamin C in broccoli make it a top weight-loss superfood. Along with regulating blood glucose levels, broccoli also contains cancer-preventing properties when eaten cooked or raw.

5) Good-for-you snack: Oats

How it works: Eating breakfast can spike metabolism and make your body store less fat. Munch on fibre-rich oatmeal first thing to stay full for hours (and avoid snacking on junk!). Go for low fat, high protein steel-cut oats for the fullest bowl of minerals and vitamins.

What’s your go-to fat-burning snack?

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