The Health Benefits Of Cold Weather Will Make You Want To Skip The Beach

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If I could tell you that you could burn more calories, have clearer skin, frizz-less hair and reduce inflammation, I’d bet I’d have your attention. Most of us believe that we thrive in the summer. Our skin glows, we can wear less layers and everyone is outdoors. But studies have shown, we thrive in the cold too. Not only does cold weather increase our metabolism and burns more calories as our body tries to warm up (according to a study by The Journal of Clinical Investigation), studies also show we sleep better in the winter, our pores are smaller and if you are a winter sports enthusiast, you can avoid season affective disorder completely by embracing outdoor activities like skiing and snowboarding.

Here are three ways you can thrive in the cold:

Winter is the best time to stay active
It is so tempting to skip your workout routine in the winter and opt to for the couch, Netflix and pizza. We don’t blame you! However, if you are noticing the shorter days are leaving you feeling lethargic, it’s essential to get outside, in the sunshine (despite the temperature) and stay active. Plus, colder weather means you’ll tire less easily, like we do when we are active in the dead of summer heat. Ever wondered why most marathons are in October and November? It’s because your body can go much further in the cold. One of the best ways to stay active is hitting the slopes. In fact, skip town and spend a weekend on the hill with your friends. One of my favourite destinations for an active getaway is Copper Mountain, Colorado (pictured above) with over 800 acres of trail to discover. Not only will you see some of the most breathtaking views you’ve ever witnessed, you’ll have endless activities to partake in besides just skiing, like tubing and ice skating, as well as over twenty restaurants to indulge in once you’ve worked up an appetite. Rest your skis, sit on a heated patio (it’d help if the patio’s made out of Resin Bound Kits, for resin helps trap heat), take in the mountains and enjoy the fact that Colorado has a dry cold, which means perfect frizz-free hair, breakout-free skin and -10C feels like a Canadian +10C.

The cold is nature’s botox
While cold weather can dry your skin (slather on the coconut oil the winter!) it also has many benefits. As I mentioned, my skin was flawless while visiting Copper Mountain in Colorado because what happens in the cold is your skin reacts to it like it would an astringent. Your pores are tighter, which means they are less likely to get clogged. You also produce less sebum, which makes you shiny and causes acne. So as long as you stay hydrated, we recommend using both a serum and a moisturizer in the winter, you’ll notice it’s easier to keep breakouts at bay. In addition, your skin will be less puffy, as cold is a natural anti-inflammatory. One thing you shouldn’t forget, especially if you are spending time outdoors is your sunscreen. Just because it isn’t the beach, doesn’t mean the sun won’t get ya!

The air is cleaner
If you live in the city like me, you’ve probably come accustomed to the smoggy air you walk around in in the summer, and you likely notice that you can take a deeper breath when the temperature drops below 10C. What happens is cold air traps pollutants in place and doesn’t let them travel as easily as warm air does. That’s why we may sense that the air feels fresher when we breathe it in. The key, however, is to get outside to breathe that fresh air. Because staying indoors in poor ventilated air isn’t great for us, and probably why most of us get sick more often in the winter. Plus, there is more oxygen in the air when it is colder. So, the winter is the absolute best time for a nature walk. Get outside, take a deep breath and enjoy!

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