Hibernation Mode: Stay Warm with these Winter Indoor Activites

Okay, so maybe it’s not the #polarvortex like last year, but it’s still freaking cold outside. Since you still have to get your butt to work on a semi-regular basis, we’ve rounded up some ideas to help you hibernate after hours and to get through the rest of the snowy, windy, gusty, windchill-infused winter.

Binge It

Hello, what better time to watch an entire show beginning to end than in the dead of winter when it’s too cold to leave your house? No time like the present. Whether you’re on that doc kick, going through a serious romcom phase or looking for a new show to get hooked on, Netflix will be your BFF this season. Shows you absolutely need to watch:

Gilmore Girls (duh): this has been on Netflix for a whole two months and if you haven’t picked it back up yet, you are seriously missing out.

Prison Break: Remember this show? Yeah, you do. Why not relive the action and sexiness all over again? Bonus: you can probably convince your guy to watch this with you.

Grey’s Anatomy: Before this show got really, really bad, it was actually really freaking good. Give yourself a good sobfest and get watching!

House of Cards: Season three hits Netflix on February 27, so if you’ve been waiting to watch for whatever ridiculous reason, now’s a damn good time to catch up.

Relax & Rewind

Still feeling the stress from the holiday season both mentally and on your wallet? Why not give yourself an at-home spa day. Start your me time off with a nice, luxurious bath that won’t break the bank by dropping the LUSH Dreamtime Luxury Bath Melt ($7, lush.ca) into the tub and letting the jasmine and lavender-scented bar help you unwind. Then put that Sephora gift certificate to good use and go get yourself the newest magic potion from Fresh: the Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask ($108, Sephora.ca) and apply before you hop into bed for some overnight pampering. But before you hit the hay, make sure to give yourself a little scented love with the Saje Wellness Tantra Natrual Fragrance ($30, saje.ca), which epitomizes the spa scent and will help you drift off into dreamland feeling relaxed and renewed.

Read On

What better way to expand your mind and relax than with a good book? Start with something funny like the much-anticipated Yes, Please by funnygal Amy Poehler (and then follow up by watching Parks and Recreation). If you’ve been waiting to watch flicks like This is Where I Leave You and Gone Girl, catch up on the book counterparts now (you won’t be disappointed with either the movie or novel versions of both) or why not take a mental vacation with some good old-fashioned chick lit with Shopaholic to the Stars? So many options, so little time.

Bake Some Goodies

Since you’re probably on Pinterest all the time anyway, why not finally make some of those recipes that you’re always drooling over? Kick-start your New Year’s breakfast routine with some hearty and delicious (not to mention tried and true by this particular writer) blueberry scones, perfect for early mornings on the go? Bring out your inner Italian with some zuppa di funghi (mushroom soup), without the heavy cream for a warm bowl of yum on a cold night. If you’re heading the healthy route, there are tons of gluten-free and paleo recipes to choose from here, so pick one and get baking (just save us some to try!).

Connect With Your Guy

Winter is the season for hibernation, as well as the unofficial season for snuggling, so what better what to stay warm than to create some heat with your guy? Take being cooped up and snowed in as an opportunity to heat things up in the bedroom and try some new positions or just go for a marathon night (what better way to work off those holiday cookies, right?). Once you’re both tuckered out, just hit up number one on this list and you’ve come full circle (pun intended). 

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