Best Position For…Quiet Sex

Roomates? Still live at home? The latest in our Sex Positions series is for you. If you need to keep quiet during nookie, try some of these moves. You're welcome!


We all know the truth of the matter is that everything always turns out better when the ladies are in control, this situation is no different. Having girl-on-top sex allows you to control the speed and movement of your sexual escapades lessening the likelihood of too much noise…and upping the likelihood of your big O.

Standing Doggy Style

Got a squeaky bed? No problem, skip the horizontal and try taking your sexy time into the vertical. Find a good sturdy wall, place your hands on it and let your man enter you from behind. Up the hotness for both of you and keep your moans at bay by sucking on his fingers.


Also known as the lazy-mans sex, spooning is the perfect position for quiet sex because it requires minimal movement for maximum feel good factor.  Bonus tip: this can also totally be done inconspicuously under a blanket on the couch in his parent’s basement. Not, ahem, that we would know or anything…


Again, minimal movement and usually your best case for a quickie. Mostly because you don’t want to be going at this one for a long time. Why you ask? Um, have you ever heard the noises you make when your sweaty and sliding your body along another person? Yeah, we rest our case.

Mutual Masturbation

When all else fails, just lie in bed together and rub it out. Believe us, this can be surprisingly sexy and the waiting game can make the sex all that much better when you finally find yourself alone once again and ready to scream out all that frustration.

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