How to Score an Invite to a Cottage Vacation

May long weekend is just around the corner and summer is unofficially started! What better way to take a break and relax than at your friend’s cottage? Drinks, tanning on the dock, swimming and a BBQ that lasts all night long! Happiness!

Being the perfect houseguest and a considerate human-being (obviously) can be quite simple and the key to scoring yourself an invite (and invited back) to a cottage vacation. The most important thing to remember is that no matter how great the experience is for you, this is not a bed and breakfast. They are friends that are taking time and energy to host you for the weekend.

Here are some general tips on houseguest etiquette:

  1. Communicate your plans:

Call your friends and give them an idea when you will arrive. Give them time to relax and prepare for the weekend. If you are clear about what time you will arrive and leave, hosts will appreciate that you aren’t getting in the way of their relaxation or other houseguests.

  1. Go with the flow:

Don’t try to control the cottage schedule, if they want you to arrive on Saturday afternoon, make it work. Be considerate and let the hosts to dictate activities and provide suggestions when asked. In the same vain, don’t take the liberty to invite your own friends, family, pets, etc. to your friends’ cottage without permission!

  1. Help Out:

If there are simple chores around the house, do them! Offer to man the BBQ, clear the dishes, etc. Show a little consideration and gratitude in small chores and ease the stress for your hosts! No one likes hanging out with lazy slobs…even if it's on holiday!

  1. Share Stories:

People always like the ones who are the life of the party, or someone who is a good listener. It's simple communications 101. Being at a cottage is all about food, drinks, the outdoors and ultimately the moments you’re sharing with your company. Providing a source of entertainment is a good way to relax your hosts.

  1. Bring a Thank You Gift:

Something fun (or delicious) to share with your hosts and fellow houseguests is a nice way to show your gratitude. Cottage vacations often involve lots of food and drinks, so bring something to share. Remember, your thank-you gift should be something everyone in the house is able to enjoy!

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