Want More Joy In Your Life? Start A Dream Bucket

I’m a big believer that money is energy. It comes and goes, just like people, relationships – in and out of our lives. Also, that we can invite more of it in if we act with confidence and certainty and ask for it (or become an energetic match to it). The way I see it, my relationship with money will always be an expression of my self-worth. If I know I’m golden, I need to remind myself of it everyday. I need to actually prove it to myself. That’s what a dream bucket is for. 

A dream bucket is basically a small savings account that’s about helping you build momentum on the daily and keep an attitude of abundance. Tony Robbins on Oprah explained it like this: a separate savings account that brings joy to (your) life today because that joy will create momentum that will make you feel wealthy or alive today, not just some day 25 years in the future. It helps to make you feel psychologically stronger, and makes the game of life more playable and winnable.

Dedicating money to creating joy in the present lets you know you’re taking care of yourself. When I do this, I’m motivated to earn more. I trust myself more. The “long term” becomes more friendly, and the path to it more comfortable and flexible. I don’t want to live in squalor as I continue to build my career – I want to thrive as I strive! Knowing I have disposable money for my right-now dreams proves to me, and sends a message to the universe, that I take this seriously – that I’m a dreamer and a doer.

So, how I did my dream bucket (and this is a step further into woo-woo territory, FYI) was look at my vision board and note some things I could put money toward now, that would help make me feel like I was making my dreams a reality. Like, for example, I want to be able to go to meditation classes and retreats overseas anytime I want, in my ideal future – and so spending money on workshops or classes here is satisfying in the present. It ultimately gives me the same desired feeling, even if it’s not so “epic.” Simple pleasures are a powerful thing. 

That’s a key thing: it’s about spending money with intention. Like, I will buy this, because it’s X feeling I want (a manicure, because it’s a beautiful detail that can make me feel like my hands are that much more artful; good shampoo because it makes me feel healthy; magazines, because they make me feel decadent; bath bombs because a bath with a bath bomb is  a hundred steps up and makes me feel like a damn queen). Knowing the why is important, I think. 

So obv. it doesn’t have to be a huge amount — it shouldn’t feel unmanageable. If you devote 10 to 15 dollars a pay cheque, you’ll have $150$ after 6 months if you get paid bi-monthly. Just do however much you can. But know that you’re not frittering it away, you’re investing in you. It’s about more than savings, its about making your present life a little more dreamy, for real. 

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