How To Live Mindfully Now

Remember the busy syndrome we all suffered from pre-pandemic? Adrenal systems overloaded due to chronically overscheduling ourselves between work and personal commitments? Yes, that.

We were forced to take a long, hard break from lifestyle chaos, and guess what? Many of us did not miss it and have never felt better. As life makes steps towards resuming, you may find busy-ness creeping back into your life, along with a familiar pangs of anxiety because you feel overwhelmed and don’t want to go down that old-world road. It’s up to you to take control of things from here.

To keep you on track, we asked creative intelligence coach Adam James for his tips on how to remain true to the new and improved you. “The pandemic has caused us to get creative in every aspect of our lives and that’s a really great thing,” James says. “Afterall, the strong survive, while the creative thrive.”

Below, more of James thoughts on maintaining mindfulness and the pace of easier living adopted in the past 18-months.

How did a change in our normal lives force us to reset for the better?
“Many people had time to discover a new groove they didn’t know was open or available to them, and that has been an amazing thing for so many. If we personally choose to no longer comply with what stagnates or blocks our energy, and choose raw creation over following trends of consumption, we ultimately thrive.”

Many of us have adapted a slower and more mindful pace that we love—how do we maintain this as life reboots?
“I have a simple philosophy on this one: Choose to create before you consume every day. To build a habit we must shift the parts of ourselves that are on autopilot by expanding our multiple awareness’s. It’s that simple.”

Personal and professional burnout is a big concern right now, how can one restore balance and joy to life?
“Only you will ever know how you feel, and what you truly need to consistently rebalance. So listen deeper. And keep exploring ways to courageously express, and possibly share what you’re experiencing in your own unique way. Getting fully in touch with yourself will reveal what you need to keep you feeling good.”

What is the one takeaway you hope people have learned during this very interesting time of life, and maintain in the future?
“This time has been a worldwide wake up call to radically expand our creative intelligence individually, and our co-creative intelligence collectively. Hierarchy as we’ve known it is quickly crumbling and the invitation for your active participation in the daily re-creation practice of your own life has arrived. Grab this unique opportunity and run with it!”

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