Am I Pregnant?

Not everyone is the same and most of us will have different symptoms. Some of us have experienced the feeling of “I think I might be pregnant…” but are we really? It's hard to tell in the early stages as a lot of the symptoms are the same as the symptoms letting us know that dreaded period is coming. Before you start to freak out… read this article and then judge for yourself. Of course if you still think you might be pregnant, go to the doctor to set your mind at ease – whether you are or aren't!

Cramping or spotting

A lot of us experience cramping and spotting a week or so before we get our period, but this can also be a tell tale sign that you are expecting! Days after conception, the egg attaches itself to the walls of the uterus, and this is what can cause cramping and spotting. This occurs anywhere from 6 to 12 days after the egg is fertilized.

Breasts hurt

This is another very early sign of pregnancy, as breasts become tender, swollen and sore a week or two later. Due to our hormone levels changing after conception, the areola may also darken. Again, some women experience this before or during their monthly period.


This is very normal for early on in your pregnancy. A woman can start feeling very tired a week after conception, which is often related to a high level of hormones and even low levels of sugar, and blood pressure. To off-set this, make sure to eat lots of protein and get lots of sleep!

Morning sickness

Luckily, not every women goes through this during pregnancy! Although this can happen anytime during the day, and can last the whole nine months of your pregnancy. Morning sickness is also brought on by the smell of certain foods that can to yours stomach upside down!

Other symptoms to watch out for are frequent urination, mood swings, headaches, back pain and constipation. Now remember that these are all VERY different for each women! Make sure to consult with your doctor before any self-diagnosis. 


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