3 Apps That Will Make Life in Toronto Better

If you live in the city, you undoubtedly have a case of the hustle-and-bustle feels. There are just not enough hours in the day, parking is IMPOSSIBLE (or at least ridiculously expensive), there are so many choices for everything that decision-making is a whole accomplishment in itself.

Luckily, we have discovered 3 new Toronto-based apps that will make your urban adventures go all the more smoothly. Life is better when things are a bit easier, right? You'll definitely want to check these out. Oh, and the price is right on all of them: free!

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What It’s For: Dealing with the atrocity and nightmare that is Toronto parking. For anyone that has a car or private parking space, or that knows someone who has a car or private parking space.

How It Works: First of all we have to point out that this app is new, like super new, like fresh off the digital press new. So it’s not quite perfect yet but the concept is there and it’s a good one. It’s been called the airBnB for parking spaces by blogTO, as it works in much the same way as the popular lodging rental company.

If you have a private parking space that sits empty for some or a lot of the time, you can make it available to drivers looking for cheap, convenient parking (so basically, all drivers everywhere). You decide on your available hours and the corresponding rate you want to charge, which you can adjust to accommodate for prime time. All in all, an easy and effortless way to make a few extra bucks. Plus, it’s kind of a neighbourly thing to do!

Drivers simply consult the app map to find an available space nearby, indicated by red pins. The app currently works in real time so you can’t reserve one in advance but the company says this may be an option in the future. For now, you can still reap serious benefits”no crowded parking lots, little to no parallel parking (which will definitely save some of us a lot of frustration and embarrassment), and the best part, no blowing your budget for your night out on parking alone. Rover’s capped its rate at a maximum of $2/hour.

It almost seems to good to be true and we’re hoping that parking enforcement doesn’t lash out the same way cabbies did with Uber. Help this app grow by downloading it (Android users stay tuned”they are working to get it up and running for you ASAP) and sharing it on your social media so we can all stop hating on parking in Toronto.

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