Gilmore Girls, Season 7, Episode 11 Recap: Santa’s Secret Stuff

This episode originally aired on January 23, 2007 on The CW


Lorelai and Christopher put the holidays on hold until Rory returns from London; Luke asks Lorelai to write a recommendation letter for his custody battle.


A late Christmas celebration sets the stage for “Santa’s Secret Stuff,” blending the classic Gilmore festivity with poignant emotional undercurrents. Lorelai and Rory’s unyielding commitment to their beloved traditions reflects their attempt to preserve the sanctity of their relationship amidst the swirling changes around them.

Rory returns from London after spending the actual Christmas holiday with Logan, and Lorelai, despite her own emotional whirlwind due to her separation from Christopher, puts on a brave face to uphold their cherished holiday rituals. The Gilmores decide to create a ‘Christmas in January,’ a testament to their adaptive spirit and unyielding bond.

The episode finely illustrates the layers of parenthood through Lorelai’s lens, as she navigates the complexities of her dynamic with Rory, and acts as a stepmother to Gigi, Christopher’s daughter. Her struggle to bond with Gigi while managing her deteriorating relationship with Christopher is evident, offering a glance into her nuanced emotional world.

Meanwhile, Luke is submerged in a legal battle against Anna over the custody of April, highlighting his profound love and commitment as a father. This subplot brings forth the question of boundaries and rights in parenting when separated, adding depth to Luke’s character arc.

Rory, despite her initial happiness with Logan, starts feeling the inklings of discontent due to his impending departure to California and the consequent long-distance between them.

Memorable quotes from this episode of Gilmore Girls:

  • Lorelai to Rory: “We do not do missing Christmas!”
  • Luke: “I want to be able to see April whenever I want to see her!”
  • Lorelai to Christopher: “Our marriage isn’t working. We jumped into this so quickly.”
  • Rory: “We said goodbye, and we were so mature and smiled.”
  • Logan to Rory: “I want to try. I’m not afraid to try.”

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