Gilmore Girls, Season 7, Episode 1 Recap: The Long Morrow

This episode originally aired on September 26, 2006 on The CW


Picking up on the day after last season’s finale, Lorelai wakes up in bed with Christopher. Confused and mortified, she makes a hasty exit, ignoring Christopher’s pleas that she stay. Once at home, Lorelai tries to get rid of everything that reminds her of Luke and ends up practically emptying her house. Rory receives a toy rocket ship as a parting gift from Logan and is baffled as to its meaning. She decides she should join him in London for the summer, only to learn he has bought her a ticket for a visit at Christmas.


The seventh and final season of Gilmore Girls began airing on September 26, 2006, on The CW.

“The Long Morrow” begins in the wake of the whirlwind that transpired between Lorelai and Luke, and the departure of Logan for London. The dynamics in Stars Hollow are laden with a melancholic optimism as characters grapple with their shifting futures.

Lorelai awakens to the stark reality of the consequences resulting from her impromptu visit to Christopher. She’s caught in a tumultuous emotional state, dealing with the fallout of her actions and its impact on her relationship with Luke, which seems irrevocably altered. As she traverses through her daily routines, a visible veil of sadness and contemplation surrounds her.

Rory, on the other hand, is endeavoring to navigate through her own heartbreak, engrossing herself in work and studies, attempting to mask the pain of Logan’s absence. An unexpected gift from Logan arrives – a rocket, symbolic of their love and shared memories. It’s a poignant reminder of their relationship, juxtaposing the physical distance between them with the closeness felt in nostalgic memories.

The Gilmore matriarch and patriarch, Emily and Richard, too, are adrift in their own emotional and relational complexities. Emily, in particular, is navigating the murky waters of her feelings towards Lorelai and the unraveling information about her daughter’s love life.

Memorable quotes from this episode of Gilmore Girls:

  • Lorelai: “Sometimes the right thing and the wrong thing are the same thing.”
  • Rory: “He’s a thousand miles away, yet no one has ever felt so close.”
  • Logan: [In a letter] “When you look at this rocket, remember it goes to the moon, just like my love for you transcends the distance between us.”
  • Emily: “In the maze of emotions, sometimes we misplace truths.”
  • Luke: “The absence of someone you love becomes a haunting presence.”

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