Gilmore Girls, Season 6, Episode 22 Recap: Partings

This episode originally aired on May 9, 2006 on The WB


The town troubadour departs Stars Hallow for his Neil Young gig (creating a stampede of would-be troubadours to town). Logan graduates and leaves for London. And the Lorelai-Luke love affair may be ciao, adiós, game over.


In the season finale, “Partings”, emotions run high and relationships teeter on the edge of change, pushing the characters into crucial decision-making moments.

Lorelai, driven by impatience and heartbreak over her crumbling relationship with Luke, delivers an ultimatum: either they move forward with their wedding plans or they part ways. Luke, overwhelmed and hesitant due to the complexities involving his daughter April, fails to provide the assurance Lorelai desperately seeks. The painful stagnancy of their relationship finds Lorelai seeking solace in an unexpected place, leading to a surprising and heart-wrenching culmination to their love story.

Parallelly, Rory orchestrates a grand farewell gesture for Logan, who is departing for London to fulfill his familial obligations with the Huntzberger business empire. Stars Hollow becomes a canvas for Rory’s love, lighting up with a thousand yellow daisies and a heartfelt farewell that mirrors the profound yet challenging love between them. The long-distance future that lays ahead of them is daunting, yet their commitment does not waver, even amidst the uncertainties.

Meanwhile, the Gilmore matriarch, Emily, navigates her own emotional and relationship turmoils. Richard, experiencing a renewed vigor for life and career, unintentionally alienates Emily, who finds herself struggling with feelings of isolation and neglect, showcasing a vulnerability rarely seen from her character.

Memorable quotes from this episode of Gilmore Girls:

Lorelai: “Sometimes love isn’t enough, is it?”

Rory: “Distance isn’t measured in miles but in the space between two hearts.”

Luke: “What does it say about love when your heart breaks in its presence?”

Logan: “A farewell isn’t a goodbye, it’s just a prolonged pause in the love story.”

Emily: “In seeking ourselves, how did we lose each other in the process?”

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