Things You Only Wear at EDM Festivals

It’s been days since the Ever After Music Festival and I’m still waiting for my socks to dry. The rain just wouldn’t let up and neither would the beats. There is something truly freeing about dancing in the rain and beneath everybody’s ponchos, I noticed some definite trends happening that are certainly unique to music festivals.

EDM festivals especially are a great time to show off your craziest outfits”you probably wouldn’t be caught wearing any of this kind of stuff on a regular day. Even though this style is far from basic, the truth is, if you find yourself wearing any of these at an EDM fest, you may be a basic raver.

Flower crowns

Flower Crown

The music and the outdoors seem to bring out everyone’s inner hippie. Though they can be pretty cute, I never see anyone wearing flower crowns to work or out for dinner. With the exception of weddings, this flower child headpiece is a music festival exclusive.

Furry legwarmers

Furry Legwarmers

With a twist on the favourite 80s trend, these fuzzy accessories are a staple in any raver’s wardrobe. Since they kind of make you look like you could be in the cast of Monsters, Inc., it’s understandable that they only make appearances at dancing events. They definitely work to make your fancy footwork look all the more impressive.



Let’s be honest, none of us have worn these since our kindergarten ballet classes. And they certainly aren’t the skirt of choice for going clubbing on a regular night. But at an EDM festival? Number one skirt style, for sure.

Crazy false eyelashes

False Eyelashes

Though false eyelashes are a totally normal thing and many women actually choose to wear them everyday instead of mascara, they tend to be on the more natural-looking side of the spectrum. On the other side of the spectrum you get all kinds of bright colours and crazy styles, which is where the basic festival-goer looks for their lashes.

Face gems and jewels

Face Gems

Glitter just doesn’t cut it anymore”stick-on crystals take your bling to the next level so that your face is super sparkly. Typically reserved for costumes of professional dancers, these little gems are frequently found adorning the cheeks and eyes of professional EDMers. But they likely don’t make it into your daily makeup routine.



Even though festivals are daytime outdoor events, everybody wants to be able to glow in the dark. Though you might rock the occasional neon tank top or accessory, the only other place you might wear neon is at the gym”and even then, it’s probably not head to toe.

Tie dye

Tye Dye

Obviously, colour is key. If you are feeling the hippie vibe more than the raver vibe, tie dye is a great colour option for an EDM festival. It’s sooooo 60s and other than at music festivals, that’s probably where the trend is going to stay.

Metallic temporary tattoos

Metallic Tattoos

Recently at a store I received a free set of festival tattoos for spending x amount of money. When the lady behind the cash told me that I thought to myself, What’s a festival tattoo? before she handed me a package of gold and silver temporary tats. And this past weekend, these metallics were found on nearly everyone, guys and girls alike. Designs range from simple geometric shapes to intricate feathers and even detailed jewelry. I’m willing to bet, though, that all of those temporary tattoos got washed off before work on Monday.

Animal hoods

Animal Hood

Along with flowers and neon, animals are another big theme at music festivals. What better way to get in touch with your animal instincts than by stomping in the grass to your favourite beats with a big huge furry hood on? Also known as SpiritHoods, these hats are super cute and cozy and probably hanging up in your closet until the next festival.

Candi masks and bracelets

Candi Mask

Add beads to the list of rave requirements, and the more the better. But I don’t know how comfortable wearing a beaded mask would be while trying to dance your face off, and I haven’t worn that many bracelets at once since summer camp.

Bedazzled bras

Bedazzled Bras

Since it isn’t yet socially acceptable for women to walk around topless (#FreeTheNipple!), and since these bras would definitely give you a lumpy look underneath your shirt, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that these blinged out boobs only make appearances at music festivals (and maybe sometimes in the bedroom).



I have to start out by saying that I absolutely love onesies”they are easily the most comfortable things in the world. But I generally don’t wear any of my onesies outside the comfort of the home. The next time I’m going to an outdoor music festival with crappy cold weather, I am definitely going to consider rocking mine.

Matching outfits

Matching Outfits

Usually girls freak out if they both end up accidentally wearing the same outfit to an event. But not at EDM events. If anything, the goal is to match as perfectly as possible. Maybe this is a strategy for not losing each other? Like, Have you seen my friend, she looks just like me! That’s actually a pretty good idea.

Shutter shades

Shutter Shades

Originally created in the 50s, redesigned in the 80s, and brought back in 2007 by Kanye West, these are easily the most popular sunglass style for EDM festivals. They look pretty cool (I guess?) but you can’t see anything out of them so they aren’t exactly practical for anything other than bustin’ moves, cause you totally don’t need to look where you’re going for that, right? Or maybe it’s a defense mechanism against the seizure-inducing light shows. Yeah, let’s go with that.

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