Quiz: What Does Your Preference in Lingerie Say About You

Lingerie, along with chocolate and flowers are a staple gift for Valentine’s Day. Lingerie can be the foundation to any outfit, providing support or giving you a secret layer of confidence to help you take on the world. Despite there being many styles of underwear, your lingerie can reveal a lot about your personality. Take this quiz to find out what your lingerie says about you.




1. Your ideal workout is:

A) The treadmill or spin class

B) Pole dance fitness

C) Ballet barre

D) Pilates or yoga

E) Running


2. Your wardrobe staples:

A) Button up and pants

B) A sexy dress

C) A peplum waist skirt


E) Jeans and a tshirt


3. Your ideal vacation:


B) Ibiza

C) Paris

D) Thailand or the Tropics

E) West coast, ski vacation


4. Your favourite animal:

A) A friendly labrador retriever

B) Flamingos

C) A cat

D) Giraffes

E) Horses


5. Your ideal date-night:

A) A night-in cooking dinner together

B) Dancing the night away in a club

C) A cute wine bar, followed by desserts

D) Anything! You love surprises.

E) A brew pub or catching the game


If you selected mostly A’s… you preffer cotton bikinis and a t-shirt bra

You are practical and like to be comfortable. You can be active, but your style is refined and simple – think skinny jeans and a tee or basic blouse. You are cool and charm your partner with your easy-going personality.

Tip: Pick up a classic bra in a racy red or black one, with underwear with a lace back or scalopped edges for a twist on your basic lingerie uniform.

If you selected mostly B’s… you prefer neon

For the past few years, neon-coloured lingerie has exploded. Usually reserved for the teen section, bright neon lace and wild prints can be found at top retailers. If you havew a penchant for colour, you are outgoing and love to be the centre of attention. But if you’re a bit shy, you use neon lingerie as a way to inject fun in your life. Keep doing what you’re doing because as long as you’re not letting a neon push-up bra peek through a white sweater, there are no rules!

Tip: This Valentine’s Day, look for a romantic printed set with roses, or swap your neon for pretty pastels for a softer take on the trend.


If you selected mostly C’s… you like bralettes and slips

Chances are you might be less endowed in your bust, but that allows you to play up your romantic and feminine side in vintage inspired underthings. After seasons of double cup boosting bras, it’s a relief to be able to find bras with no underwire or four inch thick padding, which is never comfortable! If you opt for bralettes and slips, you are a girly girl and love vintage or hippie-inspired fashion.

Tip: This year, try a set in racy red lace.

If you selected mostly D’s… you like thongs!

You are sexy and love to show off your booty. Whether it’s lace or cotton, thongs are versatile in that you won’t get the dreaded visible panty line (VPL), and you get to show off ample booty whether you are curvy or petite. You are a fashion rebel and spontaneous.
Tip: For Valentine’s Day, pick up a trio of thongs with the updated (and even sexier) Brazillian cut that is both flattering and comfortable.

If you selected mostly E’s… you prefer boyshorts!

You are the sporty girl. Practical and classic, you’re attractive because you love being active and don’t sacrifice comfort for style, yet you still look amazing!

Tips: This year, swap your cotton boyshorts for a pair in soft, stretchy lace.


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