Lingerie for Your Body Type

Believe it or not, you don’t have to be Adriana Lima to wear lingerie. All you need to do is find lingerie that suits your body type! Whether you’re skinny, busty, athletic, round or tall, we’ve got your covered. (Or not very covered at all!)

If you have a boyish body¦
Having the body of a 15-year-old girl can make you feel less than sexy. However, a good push-up bra can give you cleavage you’ve always wanted. (See: La Senza’s Double Push-Up Bra.) Or, find a regular bra with lots of ruffles and embellishment. Then, find a ruffled thong to match!

If you have bigger breasts…
Big-breasted women look best in sexy corsets! Not only do they keep you from bouncing around or falling out, but they also cinch your waist. And if the thought of a corset sounds painful, don’t worry. Modern corsets “ unlike their Victorian predecessors “ are quite comfortable and won’t cause you to feel light-headed.

If you have an athletic frame¦
All of those hours at the gym have paid off! If you’ve got a tight, toned body, keep things playful with bright colours like hot pink, emerald green, bright blue and purple. Also, show off that great butt of yours with a pair of boy shorts. (They tend to be a favorite among men!)

If you have a rounder shape¦
Women with more to love in their stomach, bum or thighs should wear sexy negligee. Not only does negligee hide larger areas but it also draws the eye up to the chest. Go for smoldering (and slimming!) colours like black, crimson and navy.

If you have a tall figure¦

If you’ve been blessed with Victoria’s Secret model-like height, embrace it! Buy yourself a garter belt and a pair of stockings to elongate your legs and look smokin’ hot. Now all you need is a demi bra and you’re fit for the runway “ or, better yet, for the bedroom!

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