Jenny Bird’s New Collection Empowers the Lives of Artists in Afghanistan

Hey jewellery (and nice things) fans: JENNY BIRD has launched a new collection alongside Far + Wide Collective that aim to make an impact on the lives of artists in Afghanistan. Produced by artisans at Turquoise Mountain (a Kabul-based jewellery collective), the line is available right now, and you can pick it up at

Which, like, cool, right? But also: what does the Far + Wide Collective do? Short answer: it partners with artists from post-conflict and emerging economies, and gives exclusive access to shoppers who care about unique, high quality, and authentic pieces. So while Jenny (of JENNY BIRD, duh) could’ve donated pieces or cut a cheque, she taught artisans her actual craft who will then go on to own the shit out of their respective industries by making their own jewellery.

“This collection is not solely about fashion,” Bird said in a statement. “It’s about shaping economies and empowering people who do not have access to education and and whose lives will be positively altered by the training received.”

So basically the whole point: small business growth. Which is even cooler when you remember that Turquoise Mountain has trained 450 artisans in jewellery making, many of whom have gone on to launch their own businesses. It’s also established a primary school for girls and a health clinic that supports 20 000 people — 80% are women.

The collection consists of 43 pieces in 11 different styles, and prices range from $105 to $295, respectively. So get psyched and get wearing and does anybody want to buy me a few because I work very hard and deserve it?

Just kidding.

(Or am I?)

Photo credit: Jake Rosenberg

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