Choosing The Best Jeans To Fit Your Figure

Jeans are a universally beloved wardrobe item that can easily be dressed up or dressed down for a great look. The comfort of jeans and their durability go a long way to make jeans a major component for every season of your wardrobe. Depending on your body type, it is easy to choose jeans that are not flattering to your figure. Find out what style jeans suits your body type best.

For the Average Body
The best choices of jeans for the average body type are boot cut, flare or the boyfriend style jean. Make sure your jeans fit well in the waist and are not baggy in the thigh area. The baggy look of the boyfriend jean looks good on curvy women but is not ideal for boyish figures, choose boot cut or flare jeans instead.

For Petite
When you are short, pant length is often an issue. The best styles for short women are straight cut, skinny and cropped style jeans. Straight cut jeans will help short women look taller in their jeans. If you are 5’4″ or shorter, refrain from cuffing the bottom of your pants, if you must cuff consider capri jeans instead. Low rise jeans can cut you in the middle and make your legs and body look shorter, go for a mid-rise or traditional fit for jeans instead. Baggy jeans are not a good choice, go with more form fitting jeans to help you look taller.

For Long Legs
When it comes to being tall, your options are great for jean wear. Tall women can wear skinny jeans, wide leg, and bell bottom jeans easily. Avoid baggy jeans or the boyfriend cut, accentuate your long, lean look instead. Colored jeans, washes and faded jeans look great on tall women. Cuffed jeans work fine for tall women. Lucky you, most jean styles look great on tall figures.

For Plus-sized
When it comes to plus size figures and jeans, dark demin is most flattering. Light wash or fading brings attention to certain areas of your body, something you may not want. Find jeans with stretch fabric for comfy fit. A medium rise waist for trendy jean fashion is the best choice for plus size figures, low rise can lead to muffin-top or belly spill-over. Traditional waist rise works fine for plus sizes as well. Keep your inseam at a reasonable length below your ankle, too long or short keeps you from looking tall and lean. Large or decorated pockets on the butt area can make your rear look larger, check your silhouette in the dressing room mirror before purchasing those pair of jeans.

If you feel good about how you look in your jeans you will feel good about your fashion sense. Whatever your body shape, choose your jeans to fit your figure best and wear your jeans with confidence and style.

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