Avoiding A Fall Fashion Rut

The colder it gets, the more tempting it becomes to don leggings, a sweater and let nature take its course. But while autumn does allow layering and the justification for glorified stretchy pants, it’s important to avoid succumbing to the curse of too many elastic waists. So to prevent you from falling into a, well, fall fashion rut, here are some tips to keep you looking fresh and fashion-forward all season long.

Pleated or Cigarette Pants

While this writer tends to take particular interest in a great pair of Christmas tree-print flannel pants, it’s important to avoid using the season as an excuse to wear only items that constitute as pajamas. Thus, if you have a pair of pleated or cigarette jeans, you can use them to dress up an oversize sweater to prevent yourself from looking dowdy. Or, if you want to modernize a t-shirt and cardigan, tuck in your top to create a defined silhouette and round out with a belt for business casual.


It’s no secret that with only a necklace or a few well-chosen bracelets, the likes of tights and a pencil skirt can go from safe and traditional to a unique take on fall 2011. And while minimalism has been consistent throughout the course of the season, when it comes to accessorizing, the opposite rule takes effect: wrists full of bracelets, layers of necklaces and as many rings as possible balance the classic factor of autumn this year, so to prevent your outfit from being blah, load up on watches, Links of London and all the rings you can find.

Commanding Footwear

While we know that the fashion rules keep changing, one usually doesn’t: even if you’re wearing the greatest or most basic outfit in the history of the world, your shoes will make or break it. So that’s why it makes sense to use footwear to keep you from falling into a fashion rut. If you find that your autumn wardrobe has become a montage of cardigans and skirts, dress up your look with wedges, lace-up ankle styles or a pair of saddle boots. After all, you’d be surprised at how a basic denim button up and black cigarette pants can stand out thanks to a vintage lace-up style “ or how a hoodie and jeans can be anchored with a sturdy, brown riding boot.


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