90s Fashion Revisited

It’s happened. We’re now at that point where the 90s is considered ancient history: there’s 90s night at the bars; Kelly Kapowski‘s face is ironically appearing on hipster’s t-shirts; and the impending return of the scrunchie seems more imminent than ever. However, it’s time to embrace our wonder years (not the show). Here’s some things we’d love to bring back from the 90s, except with a modern twist.

Dr. Martens
Is there anyone who ever looked cooler in a pair of Doc Martins than Donna Martin? Probably not¦until now. It could be you rocking this return of a trend. The brand has released some creative twists on the classic boot with their reinvented section, intertwining everything from shock colors to flowers, skulls and studs. To feminize this look, pair Docs with a floral number and fitted blazer, or try skinny jeans with a loose, lacy top to balance out your outfit. If you’re pairing with a dress or skirt, make sure it’s an above knee length to avoid looking frumpy.

Knee Socks
From Cher in Clueless, to Britney in her first music video, knee socks have been in rotation for a good chunk of time. Now that we are meeting this trend again remember these tips. To avoid looking trampy, never wear knee highs with heels or with a too-short skirt. While with Docs we were aiming to feminize the outfit, with knee socks, try masculinizing by wearing a pair with some cute loafer flats in an offbeat color. Don’t be shy about sock color either, as black is hot on the runway right now. Too cold for flats? Wear a warm pair under boots, so the tops reveal a cheeky touch of color.

One of the biggest 90s flashback trends right now is the return of the denim vest. Try wearing a fitted light wash vest over a cream colored linen blouse for that perfect touch of bohemian, or look more laid back by pairing over a size up v-neck t-shirt. If denims not your thing, try sparkling up an outfit with a lighter sequined throw over vest in black. It will go great with a pair of wide-leg trousers and heels, or will be that extra piece for a night with the LBD. 

Chunky Earrings
Big and bold earrings are back in! When you’re looking for the perfect pair, look for these three important qualities: color, shapes, and size. To really rock this 90s trend, be on the lookout for asymmetrical shapes and accents of primary colors. The gaudier, the better. However, don’t overstay your welcome trip back to the 90s, and be sure to wear a more present outfit along with your earrings.

Other things we are happy made a comeback:

–    Bands (No Doubt, Fiona Apple, the Spice Girls¦well at least a reunion performance)
–    Ripped Jeans (that took care of the jean hoarder problem, you now have an excuse to not throw out your falling apart fave pair)
–    90s television show being played on cable. Hello Fresh Prince!

[Photo Credit: Lookbook.nu]

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