Best Fashion Stocking Stuffers

While we know it’s not the big man in red who’s filling our stockings (or is it?), it’s still fun to buy those last-minute gifts to make Christmas morning a little more fun. Of course, if you up the ante from candy and nail polish to something a little more substantial, that’s even better. So in celebration of upgrading, here’s our guide to the best fashion stocking stuffers that you can pick up for your family “ or keep for yourself. 


It sounds cliché©, but our moms had it right when they bought us new underwear to unwrap every Christmas “ especially since it’s one of the most important gifts to receive. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to morph into a Victoria’s Secret Angel to justify new pantaloons “ you can use the holidays to justify something a little more comfy or even warm. Aerie’s selection of holiday-themed bottoms range from the ultra-feminine to the super comfortable, while American Apparel boasts some boy-themed undies perfect for sleeping in or wearing around the house.


Hot on the underwear trail, leggings are not only compact (the smaller the gifts, the more you receive), but also the ideal solution to winter afternoons when you’re feeling tired and lazy. Not limited to the colour black, the likes of Zara boasts leggings of various colours and prints, while H&M uses different textures and fabrics to keep their styles interesting and current. (And yes, you can probably pull off a leather pair.)

Eternity/Cowl Scarves

Pashmenas get the job done, but this season, scarves with a little more substance are taking precedence over the standard just a scarf solution. Thanks to Urban Outfitters, H&M or Forever21, you can pick up wrap scarves in almost any print, fabric and texture, and just like pashmenas before them, they work with almost any outfit come winter, spring and fall. Behold: the new perfect way to update any ensemble (and they fold compactly, too).

Turban Wrap

Hats flatten hair, earmuffs don’t stay on and hoods encompass both downfalls perfectly. Thus, it’s time to channel your inner six-year-old and ask for the updated wrap-around-headband: the turban wrap. A sleeker solution to the hood (as well as to the curse of hat hair), your ears and forehead will be kept warm, while you still manage to come off relatively put-together. Offered by Zara and Urban Outfitters, you’ll manage to singlehandedly straddle the worlds of fashion and function “ no more I’ll leave my hat on, thanks for you.


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