Handling Holiday Breakups

Breakups are always tough, but holiday breakups just seem to add insult to injury. Adding the heartache of a breakup to the stress of the holidays can give a girl a real case of the blues. If you are having trouble handling a holiday breakup, try some of the following tips.

Reach out to your friends.
You’ll need all the support you can get when handling a holiday breakup, so don’t be shy about reaching out to your friends and letting them know you need them. Whether it’s stopping by with cookies, lending an ear to your troubles, or even introducing you to a new guy to take your mind off the blues, friends can help you handle a breakup and maybe even handle holiday stress a bit better.

Go to parties.
The holiday season is brimming with parties, so take the time to attend some and lift your spirits. Buy a new outfit, have a manicure, and take the time to look your best when out and about. This will help you handle your holiday breakup by lifting your spirits and your self esteem. Plus, you never know who you might meet!

Don’t beat yourself up.
Yes, it’s good to think through a breakup and try to see what went wrong (not that it could possibly be your fault!) And maybe you’ll learn something from this breakup that will help new relationships be even better. But don’t beat yourself up over the breakup, running through lists of everything that went wrong. After all, isn’t it better to be single during the holiday season then to be with someone who doesn’t really care? (Or, even worse, someone who was just waiting until after the holidays to break up!)

Have an answer.
Inevitably, someone will ask you at a holiday get together where your boyfriend is. Have a quick, succinct answer ready, such as We’ve decided to spend the holidays apart, to Oh, that was over such a long time ago. (Long time ago being subjective.) If someone presses you for details, politely tell them you don’t really want to talk about it right now.

Think about others.
Instead of wallowing in your own misery, think about giving time to other people. Write a long letter to your grandmother or an old friend; volunteer down at a soup kitchen, or collect toys to donate to a needy children’s organization. Thinking about others can help you realize how lucky you are, even while you are handling a holiday breakup.

Treat yourself.
Take the money you would have spent on a Christmas gift for your boyfriend before your breakup and buy yourself a nice holiday treat. You deserve it after what you’ve been through!

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