5 One Piece Bathing Suits Worth the Splurge

I used to buy my bathing suits at H&M or Boathouse, and never got anything I really liked nor anything that fit well. I recently stumbled across some great designer brands, and once I got a taste of Italian fabric and high-end clasps, I was hooked. While the price point is significantly higher (from $180+), and the majority of them are based in the States or Australia, it's worth the extra money for something you love and fits well (though we're still in love with a bargain, too). Thanks to online shopping and generous return policies, it's still possible for us to indulge in some luxury brands from afar. Here are five bathing suits that are definitely worth the splurge for your next vacation or trip to the beach.

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Solid & Striped


If you’re into sophisticated styles with soft colours, classic shapes, gingham prints and (you guessed it) stripes, you’ll love all the suits at Solid & Striped, including the simple but chic Anne-Marie one piece ($168). Their latest line is filled with pastel pinks, purples and greens, with unique colour combinations and high-end Japanese and European fabrics that make you feel like a true bathing beauty.

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