Why I’ve Decided to Stop Hating Valentine’s Day

I have always hated Valentine’s Day. Whether I’m single or not by the time February 14 rolls around is irrelevant”I’ve just always hated it. And it’s weird; I’m not a bitter person. After however many breakups I’ve gone through, I still really just love love (Libra Lover to a tee right here) and I tend to not let past relationships ruin current or future ones. So how could I possibly hate a holiday that’s meant to celebrate love?

I’ve realized that my issue with Valentine’s Day has more to do with what I thought it represents. It’s similar to people who think it’s such a shame how we have lost sight of what Christmas really means and only care about the gifts we get rather than give. To me, Valentine’s Day was a stupid Hallmark holiday that unnecessarily perpetuates consumerism, a money grab for huge companies that convince us to buy their pink and red coloured crap. Valentine’s Day was a symbol of capitalism, which I believe is the root of so much evil in this world.

But does it have to be? Does Valentine’s Day need to be defined by how much we spend on each other? If your boyfriend doesn’t send you roses at work or have a teddy bear wearing an I <3 You sweater and holding a box of chocolates waiting on your bed when you get home, does he even really love you?

Let’s remember that love is not something that can be bought or sold. It’s something that is shown and felt by our actions and words. And actions speak louder than words, and words speak louder than gifts. I would much rather have my man be sweet to me than buy me sweets. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with gift giving, but a diamond necklace isn’t really going to do me well if you don’t show me love and respect on the regular. And if you’re single, there is no reason to hate on everyone who’s got someone. Envy is not good colour on anybody so, instead, why don’t we focus on all the love we do have in our lives and feel happy for all the love that does exist out there?

We need to put the love back into Valentine’s Day. We need to let go of the expectations and the pressure and just embrace each other fully. There is no better feeling than being completely accepted for who you are by someone who loves you, whether it is from a friend, family or partner. Love is the greatest asset of humanity and taking a day to show our love for love (LOVE not THINGS) is an idea that I could totally fall in love with.

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