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Which 2011 Best Actor Oscar Nominee Is Your Type?

Check out your ideal movie star

✓ Javier Bardem, ‘Biutiful’

Intense, edgy, charismatic – did it take us this long to mention his gorgeous accent? Swoon.

TYPE: Latin

You prefer guys with a hint of danger, who define ‘smoldering’. His intense emotions can come off as either moody, or just really passionate.

R - Javier 300x400

✓ Jeff Bridges, ‘True Grit’

Greying, 62-years old, smokes cigars, great smile (might be dentures). Tough, yet sensitive, rocks that grizzly, masculine vibe.


You want a guy who’s wise, been-there-done-that, strong and in control, just like your dad. Wait, what?

S - Jeff Bridges 300x400

✓ Jesse Eisenberg, ‘The Social Network’

Nerdy, funny, great hair, and not a macho bone in his skinny body.

TYPE: Nerdy

You prefer non-threatening, humble guys who you can joke around with like a best buddy, whose most attractive quality is their vulnerability.

S - Jesse 300x400

✓ Colin Firth, ‘The King’s Speech’

Handsome, quietly intelligent, dry sense of humour emphasizes sexy accent; Wears the hell out of a Tom Ford suit.

TYPE: Classic

You want a guy with confidence not cockiness, smart but not a smart-aleck, romantic but not mushy.

S - Colin 300x400

✓ James Franco, ‘127 Hours’

Huge grin, charming personality, self-proclaimed artist of many forms, who exists on practically no sleep.

TYPE: Artiste

You prefer guys who you can never quite pin down. Questionable sexuality, nonconformist, all of this adds to his magnetic aura of drama and intensity.

S - James Franco 300x400

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