What to Do When You Get Caught Getting Busy

The holidays can be a stressful time, between spending time with your family or bringing home your S.O. Wanting to make the most of the long weekend with a little nookie is natural, especially if you’re trying to blow off some steam or burn some cals in between slices of pie, but what does not make the situation less stressful is when you get caught hooking up. No matter how old you are, getting caught getting busy can be insanely traumatizing, but we’ve got some tips on how to recover from your hookup mishap.

Pretend it never happened

Easiest solution is to just ignore it, full stop. Sure, things might be hella awkward for the remainder of your time with the fam but it will be over soon (not soon enough¦ but soon).

Face it head on

While you may feel super-duper uncomfortable, the person who barged in on your boyfriend’s naked butt in a downward dog probably feels just as embarrassed, if not more. Sometimes a simple apology can go a long way for smoothing things over. Pull the person aside and say sorry for not taking better precautions not to get caught. Chances are good their probably dying for an excuse to apologize for not knocking.

Make an excuse

Maybe the interrupter (rude) was his little brother or your aging granny. Maybe you weren’t in the most compromising of all positions. Maybe the quilt was just very strategically placed over you both on that couch. Sometimes, without making yourself look too guilty you can get away with others thinking you were just having a friendly little wrestling match or were really, really cold.

Laugh it off

Make a joke about it, have a laugh and then carry on. Just be warned, this one is also very centred around who your target audience is (or, literally, was). Truth be told your father might be a little less forgiving of an awkward sex joke than, say, your future sister-in-law.

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