5 Ways To Navigate Your First Holiday Season Together

It might only be year one but for you it’s clear “ this is the one. Now you two just have to survive the most wonderful (albeit somewhat stressful) time of the year. Here are five ways to make sure that the two of you make it though the season unscathed in your first holiday as a couple.

Share your time

One of the hardest parts of being in a serious relationship for the first time during the holidays is adjusting to the fact that you and your guy probably both have traditions and commitments that you have always done during the holiday season¦ and now those plans are about to be disrupted. Sit down and have a serious chat about which parts of the holidays are the most important to each of you and compromise. Maybe you’ll spend Christmas Eve and morning with his family because he loves to wake up with his family and then you’ll head out to your side for the big family Christmas dinner you could never, ever imagine missing.

Never show up empty handed

Be respectful to every home you enter during the holidays (and depending on your dude, that could end up being a lot). Ask questions about your hosts and always try to turn up with something specific to them whether it be a bottle of wine, a nice candle, or some simple homemade cookies. Not only will it be courteous but your generosity will also make you memorable to his friends and family.

Respect conventions

Just because your parents let the two of you share a room doesn’t mean his parents will feel the same. And guess what? If his family goes to church during the holidays but yours never did, you’ll join them. Or maybe they’ll open all their gifts on Christmas Eve and you’re bummed about missing the excitement of Christmas morning. Suck it up princess, you should be happy just to be there. Never, ever complain or mope about the way his family does the holidays. Respect their traditions or you likely won’t be invited back.

Don’t be bummed if you can’t make it work

Just because you guys weren’t able to spend the holidays together doesn’t mean it will always be this way. Sometimes it’s harder to get out of the obligations of the holidays with your friends and family when you are still in a relatively new relationship. Chalk this one up to a year one problem and make sure that you have plenty of wifi where ever you go so you can FaceTime your honey whenever you miss him.

Most importantly¦ make your own memories

The holidays, in particular your first ones as a couple, are the best time of the year to create traditions that will last throughout your relationship. So strap on those winter boots and get in the spirit together “ go chop down a tree (or, you know, trim the fake one you totally didn’t buy at Walmart), visit local winter markets, make Christmas cookies and drink them with hot cocoa.

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