Things to Know Before Getting Into a Relationship

If you’re in your 30s, or near or in the vicinity, you know that dating is a totally different ballgame than it was in your free-loving 20s. You may have had a few more experiences, perhaps a few more loves gained and lost that taught you some great things but left you a little¦wary. But you’re ready, you say, to get out there and give it another shot. But how do you really know you’re ready and what are the things you should know about yourself first? 

Be clear about where you are in your life.
This can help you decide if you are at a stable enough point or if there’s a bit more work to do before you get there. We aren’t talking about material things. We mean your emotional state. Have you taken the time to clear the proverbial clutter?

Following this, try to give some thought to what you’ve learned from your past relationships.
Attempt to identify at least one thing, no matter how short or long the relationship was. Soak it in. The happiest people tend to look at their experiences, irrespective of it being either positive or negative, and look for the lesson so as not to repeat a cycle of making the same mistake. 

Give some thought to what type of person you might be looking for.
Maybe what you thought you wanted, isn’t necessarily what you need. This is often the hardest to come to terms with and most of us get bogged down in superficial things like appearance or professions but at the end of the day, what do you need from another person that helps further enhance who you already are? 

Finally, make sure you’ve cleared up any lingering emotions and desires related to past loves.
Sure something may spark a memory here and there, but if you are hung up on them or rerun the relationship in your head constantly, it’s time to give some good thought to what you really miss from the past.

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