Notorious Couple Halloween Costumes

Tied down this Halloween? Rope your partner into dressing as one of these dynamic duos and double your impressive-factor. 

Tyler Durden & Marla Singer (Fight Club)

Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter wore nihilism well in this 90s cult film. You and your partner can too, using props you likely have on hand already. For Marla, teased, crazy clown-lady hair with a top-knot, big dark sunglasses, and "hello my name is" sticker. For Tyler, a battered floral shirt, leather jacket, cheesy shades, some blush bruises and a shit-eating grin.
Wendy Peffercorn and Squints (The Sandlot) 
Revisit the VHS vault and fast forward to the most memorable part in this timeless flick: when Squints fakes drowning so the babely lifeguard will give him mouth-to-mouth. For Wendy, a red bathing suit, red bow in the hair, white sunglasses and red lips. For Squints, thick glasses, a backwards cap, and baseball shirt.  
Piper and Alex (Orange is the New Black)
This prison pair may not offer the best opportunity to get creative with styling, but it certainly is a quick and easy. For both, white, long sleeved shirts underneath tan prison scrubs and ID tags. For Alex, sexy librarian glasses, black beanie, cat eyeliner and upper arm rose tat. For Piper, blonde straggly hair and disillusioned expression. Die-hard Orange is the New Black fans may choose to get a group-costume going and make it the whole cast.
Gomez & Morticia Addams 
It's no secret that Gomez and Morticia have the best marriage ever. This dark and sexy pair has a style that can be easily emulated with a visit to a thrift store. For Morticia, a long black gown with drapey sleeves, long back hair parted in the middle, red lips, dark eyes. For Gomez, a burgundy pinstriped suit and bowtie, pencil moustache, and a cane. Have a look at Charles Addams original 1930s cartoons for inspiration. 
Carrie & Big (Sex in the City)
If you and your fella feel like going classy this Halloween, and if he isn't loathe to make like a SATC character for a night, this choice is a class-act. For Carrie, the iconic pink tutu and pink tank (think: the show's opening credits), sassy heels, "Louis Vuitton" purse, loose, half-up curls. For Big, a suit, cigar, and slicked back hair. Get in your New York state of mind. You're drinking only cosmopolitans tonight. 
Jay Z and Beyonce
Don't mind exposing some serious skin? Your partner can rock the confidence of the most financially successful rapper in America? Jay Z and Bey it is! Watch their 2014 Grammy awards performance of Drunk in Love for wardrobe inspiration. Mics required. You never know when a freestyle might be ready for takeoff. And be warned: your friend may insist you perform a dance number. So memorize some of the moves, just in case.  
Daria and Jane 
Daria and her best pal Jane were the darlings of MTV back in the early 2000s. Wholly cynical and with biting wit, they may well be the most lovable, anti-social friends on TV. For Daria, round glasses, sweeping side bangs, dark green jacket, orange shirt, pleated back skirt and combat boots. For Jane, a long red jacket, grey skater shorts and tights, combat boots, a blue purse, and drastic side part bob. No enthusiasm allowed. 

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