Is it OK to Date Your BFF’s Brother?

He’s got all the great qualities and admirable family values of your BFF with the added bonus of being male. It would even give you and your BFF a shot at being sistas for life! If you can actually muster the courage to admit you are into her bro, will your BFF feel the same enthusiasm? Here are a few things to consider before breaking the news.

Acknowledge the awkwardness
Do not under any circumstances pretend that your friendship with her and your relationship with him could ever exist separately. Assuming your feelings for your bestie’s bro are reciprocated, start out by talking to each of them individually about what might change and acknowledge that it could be tricky until things settle. Assure your best buddy that your bond will remain, and remind her brother that your girl time is an absolutely necessity. If you are close with the family, and it isn’t completely cringe-worthy, you may want to consider having a similar chat with the parents.

Set the ground rules
Setting some basic rules will help to make everyone feel a little more comfortable. It is completely understandable that your BFF will want to eliminate (or at least limit) all relationship and/or bedroom talk about you and her brother.  If for any reason they live in the same place, you should probably agree that sleepovers will occur on your turf only to avoid the awkward morning encounter. Also, when hanging with your boy or your BFF, it is probably best to keep your complaints about the other one to yourself “ siblings tend to stick together!

Share your time evenly
Although it is tempting to fall right in to the ˜love bubble’ when you’re in a new relationship, be mindful of the fact that this relationship will carry extra sensitivity for your BFF. Ensuring your time is spent evenly between the two of them will help to crush any worry that your friendship will suffer at the hands of your new bro-mance.

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