How to Get Laid on Valentine’s Day (Even if You’re Single)

We get it, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, but by no means does that require you to sit on your couch all day watching bad chick flicks and eating bonbons or getting white-girl wasted with your ladies and ending up crying on a bathroom floor. Everyone deserves a little love on the day of love, so if you want to get laid on Valentine’s Day, then you get out there and get laid! Here’s how to make it happen even if you’re not currently coupled.

Get yo’ booty call on

If you’re single the chances are that you probably have that one person, that disaster of a dude that you’d never settle down with (he’s usually the one who looks incredible naked but knows it). Get that boy on your speed dial for a day and lay down the flirting hard. Because Netflix and Chill always leads to more, amiright? 


No seriously, get the fuck out. Like put on that hot little number you’ve been dying to break in and leave your house¦ now. We know that sometimes we slag dudes for being kinda dumb, but let’s be serious, they are definitely smart enough to know that there are going to be some sweet looking single ladies out tonight who might be looking for romance but will settle for a score. Bonus? They’ll probably fork out the cash for a drink as well.

Tell them what they want to hear

Hey, just because a dude can do it doesn’t mean we can’t as well. If you are really in the mood to get down between the sheets this Valentine’s Day then it might be a case of zoning in on that guy (whether he be online, in a bar or a friend) that you know if going to be kinda bummed out to be alone on Valentine’s Day. Use those pretty eyelashes, that stellar sex appeal and those sweet words to take your way exactly where you want to be. Worry about the consequences later. After all, that’s what a guy would do anyway, right?

Get into sports

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday. You know what else happens on a Sunday? Lots of sports. What kind of sports? Psh, who cares? Get yourself pumped in a cute, sports bar-appropriate outfit and make your way down to the pub to make flirty eyes at the cute single dudes who aren’t being subjected to chocolates and roses in lieu of pints and game points. Score!

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