How to Fake Baseball Fandom

Baseball season is upon us and (especially if you live in Toronto since the Jays’ season opener was yesterday and, yeah, they totally won) you may want to think about jumping on the baseball bandwagon this summer. Why, you ask? Well, in my experience, after all the sporting events that I’ve attended, baseball fans are by far the sexiest. I’ve been to tons of hockey, basketball, soccer and football games and trust me”the crowd at a baseball game is one that turns heads.

Except, the only heads that are turning belong to the girls who aren’t really into the game but are only there to enjoy a sunny afternoon of beer and hot dogs. The guys aren’t looking anywhere but the field. So if you want to have any chance at impressing them, you’re going to need to get into the game too. Or at least be really good at faking it (and let’s hope the faking stops there). Follow these seven easy tips to fake baseball fandom and try to pick up a cutie in a ball cap this season.

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1. Get some gear


If you’re going to buy a jersey or shirt, don’t just go for the hottest player on the team (how Toronto will miss you, Brett Lawrie) because that will be a dead giveaway. Real fans choose jerseys based on talent, not looks. A ball cap with a ponytail is also always a cute look but if you are looking to spend less, opt for some cute nail polish with the team colours. For the Blue Jays, try CND Vinylux in Date Night ($12) or OPI’s Dating a Royal ($11). What a coincidence, considering how much baseball games make great dates.

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