Dorm Party Etiquette Rules

Anyone who has ever lived in residence knows that it is not, in fact, the no-holds-barred, round-the-clock free for all that movies like Van Wilder and American Pie have taught us it is. Awesome parties do go down in res, of course, but so does studying, sleeping, reading, cooking. The normal stuff you do when you’re, you know ¦ living somewhere. Don’t take any party pointers from Van Wilder. Here are 8 realistic tips for partying on campus.

Dress the part
That means if it’s a themed party, find yourself a sweet costume to rock. Parties are so much more fun when you really get into the spirit. Plus, people are much more willing to talk to you if you look slightly ridiculous. (Key word in that sentence: slightly).

Don’t overdo the pre-drink
Don’t get super sauced and then present yourself to a whole new crew of people you would like to make friends with. You’ll want to be able to meet people, talk to them, remember them, etc. 

Don’t leave without telling your pals
It’s the respectful thing to do. Even if you’re room is next door.


Don’t just talk to the people you came with. Try to branch out and get involved in drinking games and talk to people. Get people to introduce you to their roommates and other friends and introduce yourself to people. Partying in res is all about meeting people, and everyone is pretty much in the same boat. Most people will be glad you struck up a convo.

Don’t leave your drink unattended or accept a drink from a stranger
This is just a good idea at any party.

Know how to play flip cup and beer pong
The rules are simple enough, but coming equipped with the know-how for some basic drinking games will eliminate needing to hear a drunken explanation so you can just jump in with confidence.

Don’t give out your number like it’s a cup of warm keg beer
Be your lovely charming self with everyone you talk to of course, but be selective about who you give your number. Letting the dude you were just flirting with see you blatantly flirting with another guy 2 minutes later is a recipe for a reputation. Even if just for a night.

Don’t turn any bedroom but yours or your partner’s into a make out den
No one wants to walk into their bedroom to find two random people making out. Even if the doors are open and it feels like fair game, the bottom line is, it’s someone else’s bedroom.


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