Breakup Lessons We Can Learn From Music Videos

So you’re coming off a recent breakup. You know what will make you feel better? No, not that glass of wine, but some good old fashioned Music Video Therapy. Plus, it won’t end up with you drunk dialing your ex.

Beyonce, Ring the Alarm: best if you’re mad and feeling a little crazy.

Britney Spears, Stronger: Britney breaks out her famous chair routine AND some serious lip liner. And you already feel better, don’t you?

Kelly Clarkson, Since U Been Gone: Because nothing will feel better than screaming the chorus at the top of your lungs. Except watching him get fat in his Facebook pictures.

Christina Aguilera, Fighter: Because what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. And while you’re weak and sad, Christina is here for you.

Robyn, Be Mine: She’s Swedish, the video doesn’t need to make a whole lot of sense, okay?

Breaking Point, Keri Hilson: Because every woman has one.

Beyonce, Irreplaceable: If you can get over the sound of Beyonce FILING HER NAILS before the song starts, this song will give you the perfect mantra to get you through this. Repeat after B: you must not know ˜bout me, you must not know bout me.

Hilary Duff, Play With Fire: Nobody is going to judge you for feeling empowered by the former Lizzie McGuire. This song is AMAZING.

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