Being Single on Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Have to Suck

You’re single and you’re fabulous. You’re an independent badass bitch and your life is great cause who says you need to be in a relationship to be happy? But come Valentine’s Day, you kinda can’t help but feel that twinge for something more. All your friends are busy, all the restaurants are fully booked for tables of two and if one more woman in your office receives a bouquet of roses you just might lose it.

Whatever. You’re still freakin’ fabulous and you’re gonna get through this day! Here’s how.

In the morning, call your mom. Or your grandma. Or whoever you have been meaning to catch up with. If they do have Valentine’s plans they will likely be in the evening so they will have the time to chat with you. You may be single but you are still loved by someone and you should talk to that person more, especially today. And no, it’s NEVER lame to talk to mama bear.

Send a Valentine to your fellow single co-worker and make them smile. Helping them through the day will help you through yours and the camaraderie will make those other candy gram deliveries all the more bearable.

On lunch, treat yourself to a quick spa treatment because you deserve it and you should really show yourself how much you love yourself. And your toes. If your boss gives you shit for taking a bit of a long lunch, definitely play the single-and-depressed-on-Valentine’s-Day card. Even though you are actually single and fabulous and don’t need their pity, at least it will get you out of trouble.

After work, volunteer somewhere for a couple of hours because helping others is a wonderfully productive distraction, plus you’ll probably make some new friends too. And maybe meet a potential partner? A guy who gives back, yes please (if he gives back to his community imagine what he’ll give back in bed!). Either way, Valentine’s Day is about love so why not spread some love in your own hood? You can’t help but feel good feels after that.

In the evening, it’s time to Netflix and chill. With yourself. But first unwind with a nice bubble bath and a good book. Then order your favourite food and watch your favourite show, in your favourite jammies, with your favourite bottle of wine. Of course, we all know the real meaning of Netflix and chill. It’s not Netflix-and-chill-ing if someone doesn’t get off. And guess what? That someone is you! Maybe put on a Ryan Gosling flick and flick away to his gorgeous gorgeous face.

Happy Valentine’s, you fabulous single lady you!

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