Avoid These Common Arguments During The Holidays

The holidays can be one of the happiest times of the year for  many people, but it can also be the most stressful. Between shopping, decorating, attending parties and all the other minutia holidays involve, stress levels can rise exponentially. And with all that stress bubbling around, arguments seem to only follow. There are many common arguments, however, that can be avoided around the holidays if you and your significant other are willing to communicate and even compromise a little. Is this the year the two of you don’t have those same arguments over the holidays? Then check out the tips to avoid them below.

Arguments about spending money on others:
Money is probably one of the number one causes of arguments during the holidays, and when spending as a couple it is easy for fights to ensue. Make a list of who you are going to spend money on as a couple and how much. This will keep you from arguing over the twenty dollar gift you bought his mother and the $100 watch you bought your niece.

Spending money on each other: 
Here is another money argument, and more compromise is needed to avoid it. Set expectations, if not limits, on how much you are going to spend on each other. If the two of you are trying to stay on a budget, that expensive bracelet he thinks you’ll adore might send you over the edge. Think about pooling your money for a gift you can share and enjoy (a vacation for two), or how about making each other gifts instead?

Which holidays where:
Another one of the most common arguments during the holidays is exactly where they are going to be spent. This hinges on a number of factors, including family traditions, couple expectations, and that age-old argument starter, money.  Start talking about your holiday plans early, and agree to a little compromise when it comes to where holidays will be spent. Both sets of family and friends need to be considered, especially if one of you lives far away from your family. Which leads to… (see below.)

Friends, family or just each other:
This is a common arguments for couples during the holidays due to unvoiced expectations. If one of you is picturing a romantic New Year’s Eve and the other is planning a raucous party with fifty of your closest friends, well, that can lead to an argument. But this is another one that is easy to avoid through communication. Talk early in the season about who you’ll be spending the holidays with, and avoid this very common argument later on.

The Ex Factor:
This is one of the common arguments among newer couples, although even those that have been together for years can experience this one. The ex-factor is just what is sounds like “ either memories, or the actual ex, intruding on the holidays. This is especially difficult to deal with if one of you is divorced with children, as avoiding the ex will probably be impossible. And if your relationship is new and holidays evoke painful memories of an ex (whether good times or bad), just take a moment to talk it out. Most arguments come from a lack of communication, so this holiday season think things through and take the time to talk about everything. This will help you avoid arguments and let the two of you truly enjoy the holiday season.

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