Anniversary Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Congratulations: you’ve made it this far into your relationship and it’s still going strong. A year or more has gone by, and you are still blissfully in love, and you couldn’t imagine your life without this person in it. To commemorate this milestone you need a great gift idea; one that will serve as a meaningful and memorable tribute to your bond.

Since every relationship is unique, so be sure to add your own personal touch to any gift that you buy. Get all of your memorabilia together (pictures, ticket stubs, etc.) and add them to you gift as finishing touches. Or re-visit a place that has significant meaning to you.

If you are clueless as to what to buy/make, here are some awesome anniversary presents to get you started:

A first date do-over. What did you two do on your first date? If it was a memorable one that you both enjoyed, you should just do that! My boyfriend and I met a concert, so I will plan for us to re-visit the venue and have a drink there on our anniversary (unless of course serendipity intervenes and there is an artist that we both like that is playing on that night.)

Monogrammed Gifts. Why not get him a monogrammed watch with his name and yours, and “Happy Anniversary” or “ I Love You” etched on it? If he likes bracelets, you can get him a manly leather or steel based bracelet with these monogrammed messages as well. If he is a writer, why not get him a monogrammed leather journal?

A collage or a photobook. If you are artsy or savvy at using Indesign, why not put together a collage of all of your photos. You can present it in book form as well, by simply visiting an online site, and you can insert and arrange the photos you like, and make your own photo album. This makes for an excellent gift for any type of occasion, but especially on a day that celebrates your relationship.

Date at your favorite place. Whatever you enjoy doing together should factor into what you plan for your anniversary date. If you are music lovers, make a date at a show. If you are both into sports, buy tickets to a game. If you love to get away why not make a weekend trip to a place you both like? If you like the outdoors, why not go out for a picnic (weather permitting) and go for a hike. Anniversaries don’t have to be a huge production-they can be an excuse just to have a good time and enjoy some romantic alone time.

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