4 Sexy Bedroom Games

Newsflash: Sex is fun. If it’s not, you’re doing something wrong. You know what else is fun? A good challenge. So, why not combine both by bringing a little gameplay into the bedroom? And here’s our four favorite ways to do so…

Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Place a bunch of sexy things around the house – from silk ties on door handles to sex toys in the shower to lube in the freezer (thank us for that one later!). Give your guy a list of all the items and then send him on a wild hunt to find as many as he can in five minutes, whatever he comes back with you both have to use during that nights nookie session. Next time around, reverse roles and see how well he hides and you seek.

Seven Minutes in Heaven

Remember back in the day when locking yourself in a closet and getting your grope on for 420 seconds was the highlight of any party? Well now it can be the highlight of your own personal party too. Set your phone timer for seven minutes and then grab your partner unexpectedly and pull them into your room with all the lights off. You have until the timer goes of to tease each other, with all your clothes on, before you have to walk away and save the rest for later…we promise, it’ll be worth the wait.


Turn out the lights and hop into bed with your guy and two flashlights, take turns shining a light on the part of your body that you’d like the other person to touch or kiss or lick. The other person isn’t allowed to stop until you stop shining the light meaning there will never be any “almost there” moments happening for you here, ladies. When you can’t take it any more, use the lights to illuminate some of your sexier, more intimate moments of the evening.

Naughty Strip Twister

Got an old Twister mat lying around? Well bust it out and put it to good use again! Lay it out on the floor next to your bed and play as you traditionally would. The difference here? Every time one of you can’t make a move or falls out of position, you have to take off an article of clothing. Trust us when we say that your ability to keep your balance will (for some odd reason) get more difficult to keep the less clothing you’re both wearing. And you will be very thankful to have a bed close by.

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