City Girl’s Guide to Buying a New Car

Looking to buy a new set of wheels? Here are a few things to think about before you splurge.

1.What Are Your Needs?

Before you head out on your vehicle search, first figure out what you need. Do you need a two or four door car? Will you need a lot of storage space? Do you prefer a truck or a car? How much driving will you be doing? Where will you be parking the car? I ask the last question because in cities some parking garages are tighter than others. You don’t want to splurge on a large truck and find out you can’t fit it in your space. Also think a few years down the road. This car will be with you for a while. Imagine what your future needs will be as well.

2.If You Are Buying a Used Car

Rent in a big city is expensive, thus, saving a bit on your car helps. There are a few questions you want to ask the seller before you hand over your cash. How many previous owners has the car had? Has it ever been involved in an accident? Has it ever had any mechanical problems? You’ll get a great deal on a used car, but it comes with some risk. So make sure you do your homework first.

You can find used cars in a few places including used car dealerships, online classifieds, used car websites and also new car dealerships may sell used cars as well.

Have the car checked by a mechanic before you take it home and request a Vehicle History Report. This report will also tell you if the car has ever been stolen or recalled.

Lastly, if you are not paying upfront, have your financing and loan ready before you meet the seller.

3.If You Are Buying a New Car

Before you start, you’ll want to get your credit in order. Check your credit score online to make sure that you will have a good shot at a loan or financing.

When you know what type of car you are looking for, go out and test drive a few to get a good feel for what types you are more comfortable in.

I test drove the Hyundai Veloster Turbo (pictured above), a car I initially didn’t have on my list, but after cruising around in it, I realized it was perfect for me. It is safe, stylish and affordable. I was turning heads everywhere I went! Plus, with 25 mpg city/34 mpg highway, it means I won’t be filling up at every gas station I pass (something you’ll want to know when buying a car).

A lot of the advertised prices of cars are for the base models. If you are looking for upgrades, visit the dealer’s websites, some have “build your own” applications that help you price out the car including any add-ons you want.

Read car reviews on the internet to get an expert opinion on the car you may choose. Look for cars that excel in safety and gas mileage.

Happy shopping!

Hyandai Turbo Veloster.jpg

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