3 Reasons Why You Should Try Dating an Older Man

It’s no surprise that most women find older men attractive. Not necessarily a man 10+ years your senior (erm- or is a senior), but there is something sexy and distinguished about a man who knows what he wants. So here are three reasons why women should try and date an older man, sometime in their life.

1)    Maturity: Does age really matter in a relationship? Not really, but maturity does. You deserve to find a man that is strong, can stand his own ground and be confident! This is something that comes with time. Men often take more time to reach emotional maturity to protect and provide- both financially and romantically in a relationship.

2)    Influence: Dating a guy younger or even the same age can be fun and exciting, but when dating an older man, chances are, they’re more established and are more financially secure. Money isn’t everything, but there is something alluring about a man who owns his own condo, and has money for a vacation or weekend away. His success and discipline in achieving his career goals is sexy.

3)    Experience: Generally speaking, women like to feel challenged. Not in a stubborn inflexible way, but women like men who can carry a conversation, teach them new things, and have confidence in their opinions. Strong conversation comes down to experience and intelligence. Experience can also translate into a fulfilling sexual relationship as well. You know what they say, practice makes perfect.

While age doesn’t always translate into wealth, influence or experience. An older man can help find out what you really want, make you feel at ease, and help you determine what type of relationship you really want.  

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    • Eve
    • March 24, 2022

    Who is the man in a blue t shirt whose photo appears in “3 reasons why you should try dating an older man”?

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