29 Things to Do Other Than “Netflix and Chill”

The temperatures are dipping and if you’re in even a semi-steady hangout pattern with someone, it’s easy to just revert to the dreaded “Netflix and chill” cycle. Don’t get me wrong, Netflix and chill can be nice sometimes, especially if you can do it naked in the comfort of your own bed fort (even better if it comes with snacks), but cool weather doesn’t have to mean hibernation mode. You are a lady, after all, and you deserve to be treated right. So, with that in mind, here are 29 other things to do this weekend than Netflix and chill — and only a few of them involve the bed or couch (but they’re fun ones, promise).

  1. Make out. You’ve heard how many calories it burns, right?
  2. Go outside (like literally anywhere outside).
  3. Take a nap.
  4. Check out a new restaurant.
  5. Go for a drink.
  6. Have sex. Lots of sex.
  7. Go for a walk.
  8. Go watch a live sporting event (maybe pick a winning team).
  9. Talk to each other. (I know, weird, right?)
  10. Go watch a movie at the movie theatre.
  11. Go to a museum/art gallery/aquarium (literally any local attraction).
  12. Meet up with friends for drinks.
  13. Paint night!
  14. Go to the gym.
  15. Have more sex (try a new position!).
  16. Play board games.
  17. Play strip versions of board games (and then have sex).
  18. Go shopping.
  19. Do everything but sex.
  20. Go skating.
  21. Make a meal together.
  22. Eat said meal anywhere but the couch.
  23. Listen to live music.
  24. Go on a date. Like a real, actual live date.
  25. Watch live tv WITH COMMERCIALS (this isn’t Netlfix, so it counts).
  26. Plan a trip.
  27. Watch cat videos.
  28. Go get a couples massage.
  29. Have sex one more time (for good measure).

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