25 Things to Do When Your Summer Fling Flops

You were holding out for it all winter. You avoided every online dating site and potential suitor with the hopes of spending the next few months indulging in the ultimate fantasy of a blissfully wonderful summer fling. And then it happened, you met him. The perfect no-string-attached, all-fun-no-work guy. And it was bliss….for the first month. And then *poof* he was gone, leaving you bitter and disappointed. Well no more, sweet girl, we’re hear with your cure…all the things you need to do to survive the rest of the summer flying sexy and solo!

1. Be sad for a day. And then vow to be awesome for the rest of the summer.

2. Go on a date with someone cuter. 

3. Then go on another date with someone smarter.

4. Then go on another date with some funnier. Continue this trend.

5. Create a new workout playlist

6. Use playlist to pound the pavement and start running.

7. Go to the beach and show off your hot new bikini bod.

8. Flirt with cute boys on said beach.

9. Let cute boys from beach take you on a fun date. Never see him again.

10.  Teach yourself to cook.

11. Invite your girlfriends and cook them all dinner.

12. After dinner, get dressed up and go out dancing.

13. Flirt with cute boys while dancing.

14. Ditch the boys and head home with your girls.

15. Wake up with a hangover but laugh it off because you’re too amazing not to.

16. Go to brunch. Repeat this many times throughout the summer.

17. Get a pedicure in a totally wild colour or design.

18. Cut your hair into that adorable bob you’ve been dying to try.  

19. Go for tacos with the cute guy who compliments your new hair.

20. Buy a new dress.

21. Round up your friends and find somewhere to wear new dress.

22. Decide you need new shoes to go with dress. Buy new shoes.

23. Learn all the worlds to Iggy Azaela’s Fancy.

24. Be brave enough to sing it at karaoke (in cute new dress and shoes, of course).

25. Walk off stage and really realize that you are far too kick ass to be wasted on some lame summer fling anyway.

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