21 Reasons You Should Date a Guy with Long Hair

I’ve always loved guys with long hair, but it wasn’t until recently that I actually started dating a guy with long hair. And let me tell you, it’s everything I could have hoped for and more. Aside from being totally sexy, guys with long hair come with a bunch of other practical benefits that you can enjoy too! Here are some reasons why you should try dating a guy with long hair.

1. He will always have an extra hair elastic handy for you.

2. He will probably have a shampoo and conditioner in his shower. Two separate bottles, not some 2-in-1 bullshit.

3. And if you’re really lucky, he may have some other amazing hair products that you could use.

4. He probably has a hair brush at his place.

5. He can appreciate the necessity of drying your hair before heading out in the cold and won’t rush you so much. And might also have a hair dryer that you can use.

6. Having hair fall in your face when he is on top is something that you can enjoy too.

7. I don’t care what anyone says, man buns are still hot.

8. Cleaning hair out of the shower drain is equally his responsibility as well.

9. You can braid it when you’re bored.

10. You can curl it when you’re bored.

11. You can straighten it when you’re bored.

12. You can practice those difficult hairstyles you’ve been meaning to master when you’re bored.

13. Running your fingers through his hair during a makeout session is just as hot as him doing it to you.

14. Pulling on his hair during a sex session is just as hot as him doing it to you.

15. You can go get trims together.

16. You will be able to read his body language better by how he touches his hair.

17. He will probably never complain about finding your hair everywhere.

18. He can sympathize with all other long-hair problems (like your hair getting caught in stuff and stuff).

19. And if I haven’t yet convinced you, maybe Brock O’Hurn will. There’s this:

20. And this:

21. Aaaand this:

Yeah, you’re welcome.

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  1. Avatar
    • Victoria
    • October 17, 2021

    I’ve never been with a guy that had short hair and I am 65 years old. Even as a young girl, I always liked long hair on guys even when there were none around (late 50’s, early 60’s) but at the end of the 60’s, long hair on men, WOW. I just like the look as well as the attitude. Nonconformist, open minded, creative, down-to-earth, and not concerned what others think. Different than most men. Just everything about it. I have long hair and so does my husband of 40 years.

  2. Avatar
    • Tricia Melms
    • March 31, 2019

    Absolutely the hottest turn on ever! I only date guys with long hair and you are right about the sex and hair in the face when he’s on top and hair to grab etc. yummy! Nothing hotter in the world! I’m absolutely obsessed with these guys! They just look amazing! Not boring like normal guys. They are almost always musicians too! Hot even hotter! Wowzers lol tons of guys in big cities in cali with long hair. Mostly in LA areas. Just don’t try to get mine lol ha! He lives there and he’s hotter than heck! Anyways, yeah, thank you for the yummy pics/videos and story!

  3. Avatar
    • Antoniette
    • February 4, 2019

    Okay, so this was a list of very superficial reasons. Can we delve a little deeper into what the long hair might say about the character of the man who sports it? Maybe examine the possibly of having a hippy heart, a profound, down-to-Earth quality? This was so mundane.

    1. Avatar
      • LongHairRocks
      • May 17, 2020

      Agree. This reduces everything to silly “conveniences.” The real reasons to date a man with long hair is that he’s unconventional, goes his own way, and tends to be more open-minded. His masculinity isn’t threatened by those who say it’s too “girly” to have long hair. Beware that there is also a contingent of far-right men who wear long hair, but generally speaking, they are left-leaning, feminists, and socially aware and sensitive people.

  4. Avatar
    • VeronicaLynn
    • December 10, 2018

    Where are all the guys with long hair?? I’m in California; are there any left here??

    1. Avatar
      • Michael Bowers
      • September 7, 2019

      You should come to the deep South. It is becoming more and more common for young guys to rock a man flow.

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