Rita Ora Is Taking Over ANTM

Do you guys remember America’s Next Top Model? I do, because I was a human person alive in the years of our lord 2005-2007, respectively, when America’s Next Top Model was everything to me and everyone I knew.

And then we all finished school and people moved away and our weekly tradition of watching ANTM and eating fro-yo came to a close. But despite this loss, the series soldiered on. And is continuing to do so, now.

After weeks of speculation, Tyra Banks announced that Rita Ora will be replacing her as host, while Tyra herself will continue to executive produce. The series will also move to VH1 from its existing home on The CW, and we’ll be treated to three new judges as well: Ashley Graham, Drew Elliott (chief creative officer of Paper magazine), and stylist Law Roach (who’s responsible for Celine Dion’s recent epic makeover).

So #get #psyched #everybody — especially since the game’s changed quite a bit.

“It’s no longer just about having the highest cheekbones and best pout and the best hair,” Banks told USA Today. “My goal is to really get into these girls’ heads that I’m not looking for some successful model and I’m not looking for some social media star. I’m looking for both. I’m looking for a hybrid, because that’s where the world is.”

This is why, on top of the typical model challenges, they’ll be a pop culture challenge every week too. Enter: Rita Ora.

“The approach I wanted to have as a host and judge to the girls is what my career stands for at this moment in time, which is being a businesswoman and being able to do multiple things at the same time, whether it’s music or shooting (magazine covers) and being in movies and designing clothes,” she said.

So okay, cool! But the question is: do we still need ANTM? Or if we do, can we admit that it’s about us watching it than about the success off the models themselves? Because I know we all remember Jade, but antics aside, who else do we remember? Where did the contestants go? There have been 22 cycles of America’s Next Top Model, and I only remember the contestants who threw the best shade. So look: if the process is engaging, I’m here for it. But! Let’s not pretend this is a means for the world to find their next Gigi Hadid. It’s allowed to just be fun (mainly for us).

Especially if Rita Ora delivers a “how dare you!” monologue on par with Tyra’s. Never. Ever. Forget.

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