Ralph Lauren and essie Join Forces

Ralph Lauren and essie have joined forces for a special collaboration that involves Ralph Lauren's fragrances and essie's signature nail polishes. Founder of essie, Essie Weingarten, has designed a new collection specially for the Ralph Lauren Big Pony Fragrance Collection For Women. 

The new nail polish line includes four bright colors to represent different personality styles — sporty (blue), sensual (pink), free-spirited (yellow) and stylish (purple). The new Big Pony Fragrance Collection essie Sets include an eau de toilette as well as one of the Weingarten-designed polishes. 

The Ralph Lauren Blue fragrance has a floral citrus scent, with hints of grapefruit and blue lotus. The sensual set comes with a fragrance that is considered floriental fruit, with cranberry and tonka mousse. The Yellow perfume is a mix of floral and green with pear and mimosa as the key scents. Lastly. the stylish fragrance is an Oriental floral scent with wild cherry and purple amber. 

The 50ml fragrance and polish sets from Ralph Lauren and essie are available for a limited time for $67 at The Bay and Sears. 

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