The Originals Episode 13 Recap: Crescent City

Okay, this episode started off with a bang, I have to say. While Celeste (who everyone still believes is Sabine) is giving a tour of the cemetery, Monique Devereaux wakes up in her tomb and busts right out in front of a group of tourists. Entertaining for sure! She seems a little confused, though, and when Sophie comes to reunite with her she doesn't react how you'd expect someone in her situation to respond, so something is clearly up. Celeste is also pretty pleased with herself, so it's safe to assume she has something to do with this.
Then Diego calls Klaus. He's found Papa Tunde sacrificed. "Either our witch problems are over, or they're just getting started." Klaus decides the witches aren't just attacking vampires, they're declaring war on them.
Phew! After Rebekah agrees to take Hayley to the plantation home to keep her safe, she has a confrontation with Marcel, who tells her saw a resurrected witch. They both look pretty scared of the thought (she knows some secret about the two of them) and Rebekah tells Marcel to "end it like we did the last time" and take down this Genevieve. This scary witch is a different one from the one who marked Cami's uncle and told him to say hi to his nephew when he sees him in hell. Apparently Kieran is now doomed for the same fate.
That's pretty depressing but the mood changes quickly when a mysterious redhead we've never seen before steps up and tells Cami if she wants to save her uncle, "all she has to do" is take a specific knife and plunge it into Klaus's heart. When she goes to do that, though, she ends up handing it over to him instead. Klaus knows what it is and who it belonged to (Papa Tunde). Cami tells him, "I'm not stupid. If there's a war going on, I want to be on the winning side," which, of course, is exactly what Klaus wants to hear. He offers to find out what he can about saving her uncle.
Out at the plantation, Hayley's making the best of her situation and throwing a kegger for her werewolf family during a full moon, the only time they'll be human. Even Rebekah ends up charmed by a blonde wolfman named Oliver. The wolf who has been watching Hayley, Jackson, introduces himself. He calls her "precious cargo" — and he doesn't mean the baby. His interest is in her: in pack heirarchy, Hayley was supposed to be his wife.
Gah! Around every turn of scene there's something crazy happening! Elijah approaches "Sabine" and asks her to be an ally among the witches. Bad move, buddy! I want to yell at the TV that it's Celeste! Run! But then Elijah pulls a fast one on all of us and calls her out. He knows! Then she basically tells him what she wants: revenge. On Klaus, but also on Elijah, for standing by his brother even over her.
Celeste threatens Klaus, Rebekah and Hayley and puts a spell on Elijah to weaken him. She tells him he'll recover with just enough time to save only one, so he has to choose between them.
Then, bang! Sophie plunges the scary ivory knife into Klaus's heart after he's fought with Marcel and threatened Monique in his quest to find the evil witch who vexed Kieran.
In further conversation with her betrothed, Hayley learns that the wolves think a witch friend of hers is coming to set them free of their curse. Hayley doesn't know anything about it, obviously, so it's a trap. Oliver then lets a bunch of other wolves loose on Rebekah, saying "this is the deal we made."
Meanwhile, the three powerful witches are in the cemetery again, doing some type of voodoo. They're trapping Hayley inside the house.
When it comes down to it, Elijah busts through the window and saves Hayley. He even goes back in for her supposed husband-to-be. Rebekah is lying in the woods when the witch she was worried about earlier, Genevieve, comes upon her. She takes Rebekah and Bastiana has Klaus tucked away. So Celeste confronts Elijah and presents him with the situation, reminding him that she is the only one who can break the curse on Hayley's family.
Immediately following that, Hayley promises Jackson she won't stop until she finds a way to break the curse.
Where we're leaving everyone:
– Two Originals are in pain and need to be saved by Elijah
– Final words from Bastiana this episode: "The witches of the French Quarter will rise again."
– Elijah recruits all the vampires to help look for his siblings.
– Sophie is trying to get Monique to leave town with her but Monique refuses, torturing her aunt and making blood come out all her orifices. "You should have believed," she says to Sophie before leaving her lying in the street, seemingly for death. She walks off with the three elder (very powerful) witches.

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