Editor’s Tips: Makeup Dos and Don’ts

Knowing the difference between fashionable and fashion victim is important, but it doesn’t only apply to clothes. There is also a difference when it comes to good makeup and bad. If you are interested in rocking the latest beauty trends, take our advice and don’t make any of the mistakes below:

Too Many Trends at Once!

Kelly Osbourne is rocking the purple hair, bright pink lips and bold liner. Our advice is to choose one trend to focus on, like Miranda Kerr did at the same Jaguar event in November. 

Keep it Modern

It is always fun to reference the past, but try and create a modern version of a classic look. For example, the bombshell old-Hollywood style has been done and done again, like Amber Heard’s version seen below. Instead bring it into 2014, like Margot Robbie did at the Critic’s Choice Awards with tousled hair and nude lips.

Beware of Blue

Blue eyeshadow can look fabulous or freakish, depending on how you apply it. The shade of blue Keira Knightley rocked at the Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit premiere was beautiful, but because she was wearing so much of it, it looked like she had two badly bruised eyes. I prefer the way Olivia Wilde used a bright blue liner in the shape of a cat-eye. It is trendy, but doesn’t look like she’d just been in a fist fight. 

Go Bold, But Not Too Bold

We love bold eyebrows, but when they are verging on a uni-brow, you should hit the brakes. Emma Watson gave the right amount of brow at the premiere of This is the End. Lily Collins, who is typically our go-to brow inspiration, went a little overboard at The Mortal Instruments premiere in August. 


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    bruh that’s her face how is that too bold

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