Lindsay Lohan Promises to Stay Sober, then Attends a Tequila Party

Linday, Lindsay, Lindsay. Don’t you know that attending a tequila party isn’t the best way to stay sober? Lindsay Lohan attended a star-studded party on Sunday night at one of her old hot-spots, Chateau Marmont Hollywood, sponsored by a luxury tequila brand.

It’s safe to say that our dear Lilo isn’t going to win any sobriety awards anytime soon. Instead of taking it easy and out of the spotlight after that whole necklace robbery fiasco, Lohan decided her sobriety would be best celebrated at a party, with lots and lots of alcohol. Not only did she attend a fiesta at Chateau Marmont, but she also thought it’d be appropriate to bring her underage sister, Ali, along for the ride.

Doesn’t really sound like staying sober to me. However, I guess that just because she was there doesn’t mean she was partaking in the tequila festivities.

Apparently Lindsay didn’t attend the party to order cocktails. She reportedly told E! News “I was there to see The Kills because my friend’s in the band.”

Staying sober is one of the conditions of her formal probation after the aforementioned necklace fiasco. And she is apparently taking it very seriously; vowing not only to stay sober for her probation, but sober for life, according to TMZ.

Friends are saying Lilo’s looming legal issues brought about an epiphany and she’s vowing to stay sober to avoid a potential four-month prison sentence and community service. She’s reportedly taking it even further and swearing off booze, drugs, and breaking the law for good.

But if it wasn’t the alcohol, something was still definitely clouding her judgment that night. She was seen hanging out and schmoozing with Marilyn Manson all evening. If you can picture this, these two were actually the focus of relationship rumours that swirled when Manson broke up with Dita Von Teese in 2006.

Regardless, something just seems off about that night. I don’t know, once a partier, always a partier? We’ll see. Your move Lilo, your move.

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