Lindsay Lohan is Getting out of Rehab

2010 was quite the disastrous year for Lindsay Lohan. We saw her in an out of court (with inappropriate messages on her nails no less) and she ended the year with a three-month stint in rehab. Hopefully 2011 turns out to be a bit more positive for Lindsay since she is set to finally leave rehab on Tuesday. 

Lindsay has been in the Betty Ford Clinic since the end of September, when she voluntarily checked herself in after she broke her probation with a failed drug test. The judge allowed the three-month stay in rehab instead of sending her to jail, and set her earliest release date for January 3rd, of course making sure that Lindsay could not ring in the new year partying hard and resorting back to all the things that got her in trouble in the first place. 

But that’s not all that’s planned for Lindsay in 2011. The rumour mill has it that she is planning to resurrect her career by becoming a shoe designer. The footwear will be a new addition to her 6126 fashion line and is set to make their debut this upcoming Fall.

“The shoes are classic, glamorous, timeless with a sexy flair. She’ll finalise everything when she’s out,” said the actress’ spokesperson. 

But, not everything is peachy keen for Lindsay. She is still on probation is due back in court on February 25th. 

Do you think 2011 could be Lindsay’s year?

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