How to Dress Like Rihanna

Alright, full disclosure: I know Rihanna would be bored to high heavens if we ever hung out. I know a few things for sure, and that is definitely one of them. (What would we talk about? What would we do? Unless she wanted to binge-watch House of Cards, and in that case . . . cool.) And you know what? That's fine. That's okay. But that still doesn't mean I'm not going to actively read her fashion advice.

In her interview with Vogue (on which she's on the cover), the singer spilled the details on what makes her aesthetic just so. Like getting a weave.

"I have two main hair people I work with," she shared. "They're always with me. I'm like, 'I'm bored! I wanna change my hair!' That's the good thing about a weave. You can do whatever with it."

There's also commtiment over pain when choosing a shoe (Saint Laurents for Rihanna, specifically): "I say to myself, 'I want to look like this,'" she said. "And worry about the pain later."

But in addition to the above, her suggestions we wear oversize jackets, men's clothes ("I love baggy things"), dressing like you're in the Middle East, and not wearing a bra unless you're just wearing a bra, what's most interesting might be the fact that her jewellery is all costume.

"My jewellery's all fake," she revealed. "From Claire's. Or I get it from my Mom's boutique in Barbados. Her shop's called FAB-U-LUS."

Most important, Rihanna drives home the importance of taking risks.

"Plum!" she said. "You will never be stylish if you don't take risks. If you go into a men's shop and try something, they would look at you like, that's a bad bitch."

Be your own bad bitches, friends.

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